Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting Healthy, Getting Fit, Getting Right

Is this a mean trick I thought to myself.  Emotionally, I was stronger than I had been in quite awhile but physically, my body was falling apart.  I was tired all the time, I mean exhausted! To top it off, I doubled my pant size in a year and a half.  I just didn't feel good enough to feel good if that makes any sense. I have a wonderful family and a wonderful life but I just couldn't get it together.  We were blessed with a Make A Wish Trip for my daughter, Ashley, in April.  Three days after we got home, I got the flu.  A week later, I fell and broke my wrist in two places.  A week after that, I woke up with my face completely swollen.  I couldn't open my mouth and the possibility of mumps even  crossed the physician's mind.  After numerous trips to the ER, doctors office, dental office and finally an ENT, I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Disease secondary to Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Really?  Do the doctors not know I have three children, two with special needs, and I HAVE to be healthy and I WANT to be healthy to enjoy them, raise them and most importantly to protect them?
Oh wait! It's not up to the doctors.  God has a plan for me and it INCLUDES being healthy in order to take care of my three special blessings.  Ok, so what do I have to do to follow God's plan.  First things first, I have to DO! I have to be proactive and be good to my body for my body and for my family.  The thought of not being around scared me but not as much as my children, 30 years from now, talking about how they wished their mother would have done more with them.  I don't want to just survive or "manage" my life, I want to thrive and "excel" with life.
So where do I go?  What do I do? How do I get there?  No clue! I've never been one to eat right or exercise.  So I brought out the Paper Plate Prayers, "Dear Lord, I pray that David and I can work together as a team to start a healthy lifestyle as an example to our children and so that we can live a long, happy, healthy life for you God."
The next day, I went to Mardel to the annual Homeschool Sale.  I ran into my friend Julie Haverdink.  I had been keeping an eye on her for several months and she looked phenomenal and I could tell she felt good.  I asked her what she was doing and she told me it started with a 24 Day Challenge and her life completely changed.  Knowing that God placed her at my feet, I told her I wanted to talk more about it and asked her to call me.  Julie called and within a week, David and I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge with the only intent of trying ANYTHING that would help us lose weight and gain energy.
When David came home for lunch that very first day, we both were shocked at how much more energy we had just from drinking SPARK and cutting back on the junk we were eating and drinking before.  A week later, we asked Julie if we could sign up with Advocare simply to get the products at a discounted rate since we were loving so many of them.  It's been over a month now and together, David and I have lost almost 30 pounds and we eat better than we have ever eaten in our lives.  Most importantly we enjoy our meals and enjoy being in the kitchen and enjoy eating as a family!  What a wonderful way to have even more family time than around the dinner table yet not surrounded by take out bags.
We have moved on to the next step and that is to continue with the products that we truly love so much and truly believe in.  We want to share with anyone who is struggling with weight, energy, depression or other health related issues.  Advocare products really do work and it all starts with the 24 Day Challenge.
So here is a challenge for you and an opportunity to win $100.00.
1.) Anyone that buys the 24 Day Challenge from me between now and Monday September 17th will be entered  in a drawing for $100.00 cash. I will announce the winner on Tuesday September 18th and mail the $100.00 to them that day.
2.) I suggest getting someone to do it with you.  Ask your spouse, mother, friends, co-workers to do it with you.  If you have a team of two, you will be entered in a second contest.  Whoever loses the most after the first 24 days, will get the next 14 days of MNS ON ME!
3.) After the 24 Day Challenge, if you are not fully satisfied, you will get your money back.
Please visit call or send me a message if you have any questions.
I pray that if you NEED it, you will DO it!  I promise you will feel like a whole new person!


  1. Get paid tomorrow! Then ordering. Love you so much!

  2. Yea! Can wait to see you in about two weeks!!!! xoxoxo Do you have a friend doing it with you? I'll email you a little menu idea! Thank you! A shopping we will go, a shopping we will go, both of us will need skinny jeans, a shopping we will go (sing to the tune of Hi Ho A Merry O...or whatever that is! :-))