Sunday, May 12, 2013

If My Computer Was A Transforming Computer...

*4TH GRADE WRITING ASSIGNMENT* would transform to fit with the icon of an application.

For example, if I opened Google Chrome, it would transform into Google Chrome's icon with the blue center replaced with a screen and a keyboard below the screen.
And if I opened Lego Digital Designer, it would transform into a 2x2 blue LEGO brick with a screen, buttons and a mouse (a computer one).
And if I opened Minecraft, my computer would transform into a Minecraft grass block with a screen, some buttons and a mouse.
But sometimes it would glitch and transform into a frog with a screen for a face, a keyboard on its back, and a mouse for a tongue.
Usually closing the malfunctioning program would fix it, but sometimes it would remain a frog. To fix this, I'd shut the computer down, which would revert all transformations and transform the computer back into a, well, computer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this assignment!
*The End*

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If I Won a Trip to Anywhere I Wanted... would be California.

*5th Grade Writing Assignment*

Why, you ask? Because all the greatest theme parks are there.
There's LEGOLAND, which is a LEGO-themed park, Universal Studios Resort, two Six Flags parks, Hurricane Harbor and more!

The first thing I'd do when I got there would be going to LEGOLAND...
...after renting a hotel room and unloading.

Then, after LEGOLAND, we'd go to Universal Studios Hollywood.

For the last few parks, we'd go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and finally Hurricane Harbor before going back to Lubbock, Texas.

And if we ever go to California for real, we'll let you guys reading this know. 
*The End*