Sunday, May 12, 2013

If My Computer Was A Transforming Computer...

*4TH GRADE WRITING ASSIGNMENT* would transform to fit with the icon of an application.

For example, if I opened Google Chrome, it would transform into Google Chrome's icon with the blue center replaced with a screen and a keyboard below the screen.
And if I opened Lego Digital Designer, it would transform into a 2x2 blue LEGO brick with a screen, buttons and a mouse (a computer one).
And if I opened Minecraft, my computer would transform into a Minecraft grass block with a screen, some buttons and a mouse.
But sometimes it would glitch and transform into a frog with a screen for a face, a keyboard on its back, and a mouse for a tongue.
Usually closing the malfunctioning program would fix it, but sometimes it would remain a frog. To fix this, I'd shut the computer down, which would revert all transformations and transform the computer back into a, well, computer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this assignment!
*The End*

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